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HHS HERBAL PRODUCTS, In other words; Health for Every Patient, Manufacturer of natural herbal healthy products for human healthy. We were established on 2nd of January 2002 as HHS Herbal Products in Turkey. We have been very careful in selecting our product portfolio. We are only choosing the products whose quality and satisfaction guaranty we believed in. Our product portfolio consist of herbal tea, herbal cosmetics, aromatic herbal oil, herbal paste, skin care products, body care products, hair care products, herbal food supplement, mother&baby products and sexual healthy products. We are very active in promoting the products we distribute. Our promotional department is working with written, visual and auditory undertakings in this area. We try to keep fresh our attribute as being first. In this context we bring you together with new products by our Research-Development Works. Our company which has ISO 9001 and ISO 22000:2005 quality management systems has its own steam distillation unit, cold press machines and fully automated bottling system. HHS HERBAL PRODUCTS is the only local manufacturer on a 10 000 m2 field incorporating a 3 000 m2 indoor area. And our products have been granted the Certificate of the Ministry of Agriculture, Foodstuff Manufacturing Certificate which is in compliance with the Cosmetic Legislation of the Ministry of Health. With wishes to bring you together with better quality products in many pleasant days.. HHS HERBAL PRODUCTS
Optinaturel/Pharmaceuticals Co. is a company that has International food production certificate by performing laboratory analysis at Internationally accredited laboratories in all parameters required for human health with different brands contained in the body of our company and registered NATURPY to allow our people to achieve more natural, healthier life standards with the principle of “Human first” by developing products proved to have natural benefits to the human health by scientists and numerous clinical studies performed nationally and internationally by taking opinions relating to content, form and effects of productsas a result of the researches of our academicians, doctors, pharmacists, biologists and chemists on the field of activity with the concept of “Natural Life, Healthy Life”. NATURPY will always maintain its innovative approach with the union of different experiences, ongoing patent processes and R&D studies.
We have been manufacturing herbal products in Turkey as a BEYAZLAR Group Company, Consisting of two brands Mindivan and Photoflor since 20 years. We have two separate production facilities, including herbal and cosmetic products, with a rich product range. In our own in-house microbiology laboratory, we make analysis with high technology and qualified personnel. Our company has chosen to serve as a principle to provice in new, traceable and best products with continuous R & D activities. Exporting to Europe from Asia; Our company Whites Group has ISO 22000: 2005, 14001: 2015, OHSAS 18001: 2007, ISO 9001: 2015 and GMP certificates, meets with consumers high quality products Approximately two in every minute.
SANES SAGLIK LTD. CO. has been focusing on health care and beauty as a prior mission. We have started to produce our natural soaps under “BIOSOAPY” brand in 2013, basing on all the knowledge and experience we had in the sector, since 2002. What we care most is human health and we make continious efforts to offer a healthier life. We also care about the environment and prioritize the concept "natural". With the motto of "natural" and thanks to our experienced staff; our company is working to increase the variety and quality of our products by continuing its R&D activities for BIOSOAPY brand. BIOSOAPY, has ISO-9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certificate, ISO-22716: 2007, GMP Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate. The raw materials used in the production and the analysis and control of the produced soaps are realized in quality standards. Our company has developed an innovative technique for soap production. It has successfully carried out an R&D project with a focus on human health and in cooperation with TUBITAK. Our soaps, which are compatible with every skin type, have been tested with allergy and skin tests at Yeditepe University in Istanbul, Turkey. There are 10 different types of BIOSOAPY BASIC line soaps. BIOSOAPY WELLNESS line has 6 different soap types, all with natural formulations to provide natural and effective solutions to the skin disorders. BIOSOAPY does not contain any additives, alcohol, synthetics and colourants, as it is made up of completely natural components. Our products are a good source for aromatherapy; not only for the skin but also for the hair, thanks to its natural aromatic oils . BIOSOAPY brand has been created with the aim to increase the quality of human life. We work to ensure you of a beautiful skin and healthy hair and we will continue to be your trustworthy solution partner. We always offer you “natural quality” coming directly from the nature.
Bilal brand first started production in 1918 and with the adoption of the surname law, Mehmet Efendi, the elder family, took the surname “Sabuncu”. They continued their association with his son Bilal Sabuncu until 1974, where he worked alongside him (he engaged in soap production). Then, our founder Bilal Sabuncu continued to produce soap with Bilal brand. Until 1991, our company was making the production for domestic market and sales in 1991, thanks to the mechanization of the machine has increased both its capacity and the majority of its sales by exporting abroad was the first step. In accordance with the capacity increase and quality targets until 1991, ISO 9001: 2008 certificate was awarded in 2008 and ISO: 2004 certificate in 2011 in line with the importance given to environmental sensitivity. As a result of the investments made in order to provide quality and hygiene conditions in production, our company has been awarded ISO: 22716 (GMP) certificate.
Our company was established in 1981 by Sehzade Kuruyemis name in Manisa. Starting as a small business showed itself in a very short time with driednuts production and sales. In 1993 the company opened its 2nd branch opposite to famous Beyazfil Building of Manisa. In 2001 the company opened its 4th retail store in Manisa and concentrated on production of mesir paste with the most accurate formula and the best taste. In 2007 the company presented the first product "Mesir Delight", "Mesir Candy" and "Mesir Tea" prepared with mesir paste. And then little and classic size big jar of single use mesir paste were presented to the market. Using Maccun registrated brand the company plans to increase its production and product variety through the demands of customers. Maccun products are prefered because of its easy consumption, light and provocative differences of taste by youngs and olders.
Fulser is established in 1995, in Turkey. In our range, it has products which are based natural ingredients and suits for the exact demand of person. And this range expands continuesly. The company (Fulser) has brands which are manufactured in Germany. These brands has been approved by European standarts and produced with high German technology, quality and sensitivity. By the help and revolutionary ideas of expert scientists and chemists, combines with the power of natural ingredients and being served for you. We reach our customers through pharmacies, national and local market chains, cosmetics chains and much more, in all over Turkey. We are working with pleaseure for more than 20 years, in all 81 cities, in Turkey.
Hi, At present, we have facilities for manufacturing herbal and plant extracts, capsules, tablets, powder blending, syrups, drops, liquid extracts, powder extract, paste and soft gels. The company's current production capacity per year is 200 tons herb extracts, 10,000,000 syrups and 100,000,000 tablets. Overall quality control can be fulfilled together with our standard laboratory. In addition to our own R & D department, we have also done extensive cooperation with several domestic and foreign medical universities and laboratories for product research and development. We have obtained certificates of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:20005, GMP, HALAL , Turkish Health of certificate, certificate of orginal, certificate of production. Currently there are very few numbers of enterprises in Turkey that can have both international and domestic certificates all of the above. Currently, we have unique natural ingredients and dietary supplements, herbal drugs, herbal extract, liquid extract, powder extract, drops, syrups, tablets, paste. We can also research and develop ingredients and formulations according to your personalized demands.We are 2 to 3 years head of other potential opponents for below products with great advantages. Dietary supplements with great research and development, production and marketing capacity.
EGEPAK was founded in Izmir in 1992 by T. Tahir Onder to produce sugar cubes. Low calorie and diabetic products were added to the product range for calorie-conscious people and people with diabetes. With the increasing popularity of new generation sweeteners, Takita indroduced new products formulated with sucralose and natural sweetener stevia. We take it very seriously while formulating new Takita Sweetener Products to achieve the same sweetness/volume ratio compared to sugar for an easy transition for people following their mum’s recipes. At the moment, there are 24 products under the brand name of TAKITA both for commercial and consumer use. As the only local producer in its field in Turkey, EGEPAK continues its activities to find solutions for customer needs and follow the innovations with its professional team. TAKITA products are manufactured under certification by ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System.
As Garlex we manufacture and supply cosmetics, herbal products, herbals, shampoos, hair care products, hair serums, creams, foot care products, masks, sprays, garlic shampoos, skin care products, spirulina kaolin masks, spirulina masks, kaolin masks, hair care serums, intense care shampoos, carob shampoos, garlic carob shampoos, garlic oat shampoos, garlic nigella shampoos, garlic almond shampoos, garlic pine terebentine shampoos, garlic olive oil shampoos, hair care lotions, anti acne masks, anti-aging masks, anti-stain masks, anti-wrinkle masks, pores minimizer masks, smoothing masks, foot anti-odors, shoes anti-odors, hair shampoos, shower shampoos, hair shampoos for horoscope, shower shampoos for horoscope, hair care products by blood type, skin care products by blood type, body care products by blood type, cosmetic, herbal product, herbal, shampoo, hair care product, hair serum, cream, foot care product, mask, spray, garlic shampoo, skin care product, spirulina kaolin mask, spirulina mask, kaolin mask, hair care serum, intense care shampoo, carob shampoo, garlic carob shampoo, garlic oat shampoo, garlic nigella shampoo, garlic almond shampoo, garlic pine terebentine shampoo, garlic olive oil shampoo, hair care lotion, anti acne mask, anti-aging mask, anti-stain mask, anti-wrinkle mask, pores minimizer mask... Atik Foreign Trade is a young company started in 2009 about natural products. Established by young entrepreneurs Garlex® started off to present high quality and economic products satisfying our customers. The company targets to be one of the leading companies in the sector. We will continue to work on new products and we will be at your service with our ever-increasing range of products. And we develop products that are unprecedented in the marketplace for our valued customers. We will soon be serving you in turn. Garlex® is a registered trademark of Garlex Natural Products.